Why Top Rank SEO in Plymouth?

Affordable, low cost SEO help in Plymouth, Devon
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Why should you choose me for your WordPress and SEO work…….?

  • I’m a well known SEO expert and it can take me an hour or two to fix or help you with SEO = £40
  • Testimonials on Linked In = www.linkedin.com/in/plymouth
  • You probably don’t need to be locked into a monthly SEO contract so why pay? If you need monthly service for, say, Google Adwords or WordPress blogging we can come up with a fair and attractive fee.
  • With SEO for WordPress I can get you on the road to success in a few hours.
  • Many times I can do small, quick jobs for just £40. That’s an hour of expertise
  • If you’re nice I can answer a few simple questions you may email or message me – free after the first £40
  • I get straight to your website and review it with no fuss before I ask for the £40
  • If I can’t help you then there is no charge. Sounding good??
  • Anything else? Yes I run One Small Candle check us out www.onesmallcandle.co.uk
  • Some income will go to One Small Candle – We’re working toward Mayflower 400
  • You? Well it’s easy really just call or email me and I get on with it. I always bill upfront with Paypal.

I can help you with, well SEO – search engine optimization, Google My Business, Google Adwords (I have a Google My Client Centre, Google Search Console, Google 360 Photography (I am a Google Trusted Photographer) Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing, eBay Motors, WordPress, Wix, Google Blogger , Shopify and Squarespace plus so much more. A lot of knowledge for a low fee.

  • My fee is usually around £400 for a WordPress website and all related (honest) ranking techniques.
  • I highly recommend G Suite over Microsoft Office. Try it free  https://goo.gl/3H41Jf If you need help ask me 07538 199694
  • If you have had enough of shoddy Domain Name hosts use Google Domains… They are a snap and I will help you!  It’s so easy!! Need help? Ask me 07538 199694 or leave a message on 01752 773549

I am also a Google Trusted Tester and a top level Google Local Guide with hundreds of honest to goodness reviews, still photographs and 360 degree images.

Once again call me with any quick questions!
David 07538 199694