Flying Toasters San Francisco

Just after July 4th in 1995 I landed at SFO (San Francisco) Airport which isn’t actually in San Francisco but we won’t get into that. You must just trust me.

It wasn’t long before I popped out to The Good Guys and bought a 14″ screen PC that lived in our bedroom. We had an apartment on Sutter Street which is almost Downtown San Francisco. I also bought a new mountain bike and was all set for my new life in the USA.

Me being me I had to have a cool screensaver and bought Flying Toasters which was produced by After Dark. I loved it and the more our screensaver kicked in the more the tune ingrained itself in my mind. If you said to me “What was it like living in San Francisco?” The flying toasters theme would kick in and that would be it for the day. Ingrained into my minds landscaped forever. Here it is below……

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