plymouth lighthouse

Plymouth Hotel Growth

……..and then there is Torquay

Plymouth: New hotels galore but who is going to fill them???? 

You only have to stand on the Hoe or at the Mayflower Steps to see a lot of day trip coaches arrive from Torquay. Several hundred people on holiday and staying in Torquay on package breaks  that will doubtless be offering Poldark and Doc Martin along with other other top destinations in Devon and Cornwall.

Thousands of tourists from European countries also visit us BUT stay elsewhere. Plymouth needs to go after that market as we have much more to do.

Now bear with me here… What would happen if our hotels here in Plymouth (and there are many new ones coming) reversed the “Torquay strategy”  and really went for the Torquay package hotel market with Plymouth gaining the holiday business from other UK towns and cities then offering day trips from Plymouth?

Torquay and Paignton have nice beaches and the area around the Quay in Torquay is nice but really that’s about it. I loved Torquay a few decades ago, hey! even Bowie played there, but nowadays it’s pretty crappy. (tin helmet on)

If any of this didn’t make any sense just add a comment below and I’ll try to do better – later!



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