Foot and Ankle Surgery in Plymouth

SEO, Google Adwords, WordPress and Google Local clients wanted in Plymouth…. I’m taking it easy and need projects….. 

My foot and ankle surgery went very well and I was only kept in the Peninsula NHS Care Centre (here in Plymouth) for 24 hours.

The staff and my surgeon Mr Brown were superb and oh so very kind.  I had an ankle fusion which is to stop foot and ankle pain – it was really bad before!

I am now hopping around using a walking frame and using a few other devices so that I don’t fall over.  I have “done as told” and kept my foot raised as much as possible.

Pain? Not much really and I am thankful that my dear wife keeps me up on track with all pills. Personally I am quite confident that “fusion” will be successful and I will be able to get around pain free again…. No grand Northern Soul moves or football again but never mind as walking is just fine.

As far as rehabilitation goes I will be able to use the new sports area at Manadon Sports and Community Hub and be able to take my first crutch free steps on the beautiful soft astro turf.

I’m so positive about this that I have asked if I can start an over 50s keep fit and community club at MSCH and that will probably happen.

I am still taking some Google digital marketing jobs and, of course, Google Local, WordPress and Adwords management BUT you will have to see me at our home in Manadon Park as I’m still hopping around!

Need help? Call me for a friendly and honest chat on 07538 199694



foot ankle surgery plymouth

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