Top of Google in Plymouth – An SEO story

It’s not that difficult to be in front of who you want to be in front of on Google Search

I started this FREE WordPress website from scratch and in a few days it was showing in the top rankings on Google Search in my service area of Plymouth.

  • How did I do it? It really is a case of getting the little things right …. Google My Business is a must to be on and my advice is to get your address and ‘phone numbers matching your website.
  • Backlinks? Just about every SEO forum or blog harps on about links back to your website. I would say don’t worry about it. You just need a few good links back from trusted sites… A link back from Google is easy to do, trust me.
  • Free! This WordPress website is totally free with no hosting costs! All I paid for was the theme which I quite like. It’s called Tortuga by the way.
  • If!!!!  I was in  car sales I would have every (used) car top in Google Search for free… It’s not that difficult. Homes for sale? I would dominate in Plymouth in every neighbourhood.
  • Need honest to goodness and affordable help?  Just call David on 07538 199694

About me: I have been in the world of SEO before it had a name! I started in 1997 and have always dabbled in search. I offer the lowest cost SEO in the Plymouth area. I now manage WordPress websites, Google Adwords ( I have a Google MCC = My Client Center), I take 360 degree photographs of homes for sale, blog about cars for sale, Google trusted photographer and so much more..

Feel free to contact me below…. Cheers David 

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