No Pop Ups & No Newsletter Sign Ups PLEASE

Do you hate pop ups and newsletter sign up floaters intruding on your search results?

  • So does Google….  You will be penalised if this intrusive practice continues on YOUR website…

An example from me. Last week I was looking for a particular brand, style and colour of shoe using Google search.  I was served up a paid ad that immediately asked me if I wanted to sign up for a newsletter about shoes…. “Em, no I just want to buy those shoes hidden behind the pop up” So I click away and go to Amazon who will probably have the shoes I wanted and won’t annoy me with pop ups and click here for instant help…. Why would I need instant help for something I have searched for and found?

So Amazon got the sale and a large UK retailer was left without a sale…. The other killer was that I am an Amazon Prime member and got free shipping to my local Morrison’s.

  • Your takeaway from this is do not ever let your webmaster let you insert pop ups or floaters on your website… Never…ever

If you need help with this topic and anything else Google, Adwords, WordPress, Wix, Google Local …. Call me in Plymouth on 07538 199694, fill in the contact form below (not a pop up!) or email   

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