MS Word, Outlook – Mac – Google – Etc

Hi I’m David and I’m a semi retired Google SEO and Adwords expert here in Plymouth, Devon.. Call me if you need help with anything Google. It needn’t always cost an arm and a leg! I’ve even helped small business for free! Call 07538 199694

I use a Macbook, iPad, Samsung Tablet, a PC, a Motorola Moto 4 phone ….em an iPod, Sonos speakers and so on.

I do wonder at times….. Why is it Microsoft Outlook is the best eMail service and Apple’s iCloud is utterly crap?  Why is it Apple Macbooks are brilliant yet PCs are nowhere near as good?

I love Google but use MS Word and Outlook even though I do use GMail and Google Docs (hey I remember Writely!)

Why is my iPod redundant these days? Spotify premium is awesome yet I but music to download from Google Play store…. Bye Bye Apple Tunes I loved you once…

Why is it I love my iPad yet when I’m out and about I prefer my Samsung tablet? Could it be the deal with EE??? 20 gb for £20 is good.

My Motorola Moto 4 Phone is good but by buying the Samsung tablet with a wi-fi plan my Google loaner  360 camera by Samsung works so much easier…… So it’s bye bye phone plan and back to pay as you go….with the Motorola phone…

Why is it all so fragmented?

What day is it?

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