Sonos, Amazon, Google and Spotify

Things……Recommended by David

I bought a Sonos play speaker last year. It is amazing with wifi too and a thing called True Play which sets the Sonos speaker up to optimise sound for any given room. Personally I have upped the bass and top end manually – which was a snap. Sounds awesome and is ……. a must have with another something Elizabeth Saunders bought for my birthday …. Spotify is a must have…. Splendid stuff.
I get to play loads of music I love and find new stuff all simply added to playlists….. Listening to The Who Live at Leeds is fantastic especially the crashing of Keith Moon’s drumming live…
Back to Sonos…. Another speaker arrived yesterday and is in our second bedroom… wifi is a snap.
The speaker was delivered to Amazon Locker at Morrison’s, Peverell and the pick up was as simple as scanning the bar code on my phone.. In my excitement I didn’t realise that the locker door had opened and boom there was my package from Amazon…. Simple.
Talking of phones… I was recently gifted a Moto G Plus smart phone (Android) it cost £160 and is a fabulous phablet (as they say)
Yet more toys….. I took delivery of a Google loaner Samsung 360 camera last week and have it for about 40 more days… It is brilliant and I will be out and about doing 360 virtual reality images of Plymouth when the sun shines. I’m almost a top level Google Guide and all 360 imaging gets uploaded directly to Google maps…. SEO anyone 😉
We also had a single bed delivered today … it’s in our spare bedroom and that is the boring part
Tatty Bye
If you need help with almost anything Google, SEO, Adwords and WordPress here in the Plymouth area do call!  07538 199694

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