Car Dealers in Plymouth & Google

SEO for Car Dealers – Devon and Cornwall
Call David in Plymouth, Devon on 07538 199694

If I owned a car dealership (particularly used cars) my dealership would be number one all over the internet… I can honestly say I would not rest ’til all my inventory was plastered everywhere and right in front of people searching for what you have for sale…just as they are searching!

Each car would be top 10 on Google (easily) and the used “Blue Alfa Romeo convertible” would draw a lot of possible custom to the dealership sales lot.

How? Google make it very easy for car dealers (Estate Agents) and such to get to the top of

SEO for Car Dealers

search results after all how many “Blue Alfa Romeo convertible” cars are there for sale at any one time?

Aiming locally and then out say from Plymouth, Exeter and Saltash to Bristol, Bath and Cardiff……. If I was looking for a “Blue Alfa Romeo convertible” would someone in Cardiff travel to Plymouth to buy it?

Yes… I am pre-qualified to say a big yes. When I lived in California I worked at several used and new car dealerships in Oakland, Walnut Creek, Concord and all over the Bay Area … I was the Internet guy and saw every used car I pushed on the blog I had built top on Google and all the others…It’s not easy but it can be done. I know I did it many times… I even had one client drive all the way from Wisconsin to Oakland to buy a used camper van…. SEO is that powerful!

Now I am back in my native Devon and I have yet to see a car dealer use any of my tactics! This is like 10 years on from my California successes!

So what do you need for your used car dealership (or even new and used)? A plan that is rigorously adhered to along with someone to drive the internet side of the business.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and more are crying out for “new” things for sale and content…. You have it???? Not selling it??? Call me ……

David ……Plymouth on 07538 199694

Easy SEO / Google for Business in Plymouth
86 Echo Crescent
Manadon Park
Plymouth PL5 3UQ

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