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Affordable SEO in Plymouth – since 1997

Advanced Local SEO services in Plymouth – Low, Low Cost …. But Why?

I have been in the ever changing world of SEO since before Google and have seen it all..  Change is the only constant in SEO. Personally I like to keep it simple and let my clients/friends see the rewards pretty darned quickly! All the latest techniques and honest tricks would be used to gain you more business. Call me for a friendly chat 07538 199694 

Why lower than other SEO services? Well I’m just about to retire as a very young 65 year old that gets bored easily and would always “dabble in all things Google etc.” anyway so why not make some extra pocket money??

But how low David?  £20 an hour with a minimum of £100 for a five hour entry level job which is good enough for most!

Any monthly costs? Absolutely not unless you want me to do something else or help with

David Saunders – Plymouth SEO Expert  Call 07538 199694

blogging… Car Dealers and Estate Agents being a good example of local businesses that absolutely need to blog often…I do it all for Car Dealers and Estate Agents.. Photography, blog posting and Google Adwords too.

What else costs? For meetings in the Plymouth area £20 an hour payable in advance.

Do you offer anything else?  Yes I have a Google authorised My Client Centre where I can manage all Google Adwords accounts in one place. I am a high level Google Local Guide, I set up Google Business for you… What’s that?  The listing on the right of searches where you would really stand out. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook Pages for business, Twitter for business, Instagram for business. Digital photography and some things I daren’t mention as others local to me would start offering it 🙂 DS

Why charge for a meeting? Meetings aren’t really necessary for one off jobs as we can discuss your needs on the ‘phone or Skype. I have worked this way forever and it’s always worked. So, phone call meetings are free.

Do you work with WordPress? Yes absolutely, WordPress is my favourite platform for designing websites and although I am not a designer these days I do know my way around the WordPress portal and will get you ranked higher and in front of more potential customers. I also like Wix for it’s simplicity and know the platform inside out.  If you need a WordPress website designed (and I recommend that) I recommend Rokk Media in Exeter… Top quality professional service.   Call Exeter: 01392 424300 and ask for Adam

So, big value for me and a nicely busy OAP here… SEO = £20 an hour… big company, small company all the same to me! 

References? I have lots of really nice ones and some are on my Linked In page here >



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