local seo plymouth

Affordable SEO and Amazon in Plymouth

Need a really advanced SEO service at a very reasonable cost here in Plymouth? Look no further than long, long time expert David Saunders who is happy to work with most local businesses at the fraction of the cost of “big SEO” services with high fees and monthly payments.

David is your all in one solution and will let you know if he can’t make a difference to your online business!  He can usually find a fault with most websites and set you up to rank better for relevant searches with Google … Just call for a personable chat… David 07538 199694  David will pick up and answer at almost anytime… Even in the supermarket or Mall! 

A quick solution for you would be to visit David’s Amazon wish list and buy something!  >>> https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/registry/wishlist/2R3BNZB815N3L 

David has been in the world of SEO since 1997 when Yahoo!, Excite, AOL, Northern Lights and so many other ruled…. this was before Google!

David now works just 16 hours a week and promises top quality SEO and Google Adwords services with no porkies or long drawn out sales pitches or boring reports…

Thank you so much for stopping by!

07538 199694

David at Google HQ in London…. 

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