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Not so long ago when I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and then the Charlotte, North Carolina area I set up a couple of portal style websites where I listed 100s of homes for sale in differing neighbourhoods and subdivisions…

I powered the portal’s “search engine” with Google custom search using what was called a

David’s Google Mini in America

“Google Mini”… The Google Mini wasn’t very Mini and I stored it in the office above our garage (two car of course 😉 )

The most work was driving around all the subdivisions in Huntersville, NC taking photos of properties with For Sale signs in their front yard… then going home to cut and copy the details into the website – portal.

After I had listed about 50 homes for sale I published the portal, all its listings and photographs… I had placed a large search box above the homes and titled it “Find My Home”.

Next day…. I find all the homes I had taken the time to photograph and publish details on top on Google…. For example if someone did a Google for “Macaulay Homes for sale Huntersville” boom there my portal listings were … top.

I ended up selling the portal to a local Realtor in North Carolina….

So Plymouth Estate Agents… Why not set up your own WordPress magazine theme portal???  I did  and I don’t even sell homes!

Need help? If you are an Estate Agent in
Plymouth, Devon or Cornwall you can do better on Google! Just call me on 07538 199694

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David at Google HQ in London



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