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SEO Expert in Plymouth, Devon…. Since 1997
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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, to me, is a series of things that should be put in place before your website goes live….. This is usually not the case with most people calling for help months after they have realised they needed an SEO professional from the beginning! It is at this stage I most often find a bazillion mistakes and missed opportunities….

I’ll probably end up recommending you go back to basics and look seriously at getting a new website using WordPress which is my favourite web design tool. If you need a good solid WordPress developer I have one person I recommend.

SEO isn’t difficult – as I’ve touched on already it is a garden that needs continual tending and an eye for spotting new trends…. I can usually guess what is coming along with Google, they do make it easy for people like me!

Adwords? PPC? Google Ads? Same thing and I can manage your campaign with ease. Most of the time everyone wants free rankings but I disagree and usually recommend at least a small spend on PPC with Google. They’re a business too…..

Got SEO Questions? call me on 07538 199694 or landline 01752 773549

Payment is by way of a donation to the One Small Candle project an emerging educational and historical non profit. For a meet up the donation is £150

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David  07538 199694

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