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Car Dealers SEO in Plymouth – Careful!

Honest to goodness SEO and eBay Motors for Plymouth Area Car Dealers… Not £40…!
Call David on 07538 199694

Selling cars, especially used ones, can be very profitable. I have been in the world for several years in Oakland, California and San Leandro just down the road.

I listed cars and the dealerships did extremely well with Google Search, Google Adwords, eBay Motors and a few unique dealership portals. It took a long time to actually get each car listed so it was described and photographed properly… But the end result led to a lot of sales for the politest used car sales guys… I didn’t sell the cars I’m more a marketer than a salesman but I got the ‘phones ringing. Most of the portals are dead in the water now and I urge car dealers to re-think their online marketing strategy.. Why not build your own local portal? I’ve done it and it was most rewarding.

I can do that here in Plymouth but not for £40 so please be aware of that!

Here’s a good article from Search Engine Land….. Sites around second-hand car sales tend to be heavily invested in online. However, due to tired legacy e-commerce platforms and challenging listing issues, sometimes their SEO problems can add up to massive traffic and conversion headaches.

Today, I’ll take a walk though some of the more painful issues for site architecture and their solutions. Article from Search Engine Land

Need help in the Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall area?
Call David your local, friendly SEO expert… 07538 199694


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